Hi Today, my article will be not on DevOps but on MLOps, I would like to share some of my experiences on a study I did on MLOps. Firstly we would look into What MLOPs are, then the stakeholders who are associated with this process and the benefits of opting into ML for a company handling Machine Learning driven projects.

There are different types of Ops that we have come across from time to time, starting from DevOps, DevSecOps, DataOps, and MLOps. So as a person who worked as a DevOps previously in a software project-based atmosphere, MLOps is a…

Recently I got a chance to participate in a questionnaire with regards to the work-life balance and the new normalcy concept. This whole article is related to my personal experience and some insights on the questions on the questionnaire.

The questionnaires first half was to fill in my details and how old was I, my designation, how long I have been working and my work hours and the type of work I’m expected to do.

The second part of it had questions like how aware I'm on mental health wellbeing, how much I rely on mental health, work-life, my leisure…

Figure 1 — Azure DevOps Logo

Azure DevOps is a tool introduced by the Microsoft proprietary product which comes in handy with the Azure portal. The following link can be used to sign in to the Azure DevOps board.

Azure DevOps board comes in handy with collaborative tools which makes the life of a DevOps engineer much comfortable.

Hi all, today I'm going to write about adding multiple clocks for different countries across the world.

For this, I'm installing sudo apt install gnome-clocks

After the successful installation, you can search for clocks and add the required alarms other time zones .

Hi Guys after along time with a busy schedule I planned to write this which is very useful for most of the DevOps engineers as well as others who are accessing the AWS console. This can be identified from your monitoring facilities.

Image Courtesy — https://www.daniloaz.com/en/partitioning-and-resizing-the-ebs-root-volume-of-an-aws-ec2-instance/

First of all when you identify that your instance is running out of disk space, all you have to do is to go to the EC2 instances page,

Hi folks, you know that I'm a DevOps Engineer by profession when it comes to the daily chores we have different scenarios where we will need different tools, today I will be speaking about a few tools that have been life-saving and made my life easy.

  1. Notepad → This is helpful in noting this down or as a basic code editor

sudo snap install notepad-plus-plus

2. VS Code

This one of the best code editors

You can download the packages from here. https://code.visualstudio.com/#alt-downloads

Then install the packages.

3. Terminator Terminal → This is an alternate terminal that has more features…

Hi Guys who are a novice to the DevOps Industry or Experts come across instances where they need to take a backup of the database, so today my article is about how to take a MySQL Backup and to restore it. These commands are all done through the terminal where MySQL resides.

Image Courtesy — https://itsilesia.com/6-tips-that-every-mysql-user-should-know/
  1. Taking a Backup

mysqldump -u {username} –p {password} {database_name} > {dump_file.sql}

When taking this command more closely, the values within curly brackets should be replaced with appropriate values.

  • mysqldump → the command it will execute
  • -u → this should be followed with the username for the
  • -p →…

I had to face a situation where the capacity of the Instance was not enough for the task it has been assigned! So what we planned was to increase its Instance Type to get a higher CPU.

Image Courtesy — https://digital-goal.net/amazon-elastic-compute-cloud-amazon-ec2/

To start off with the task I took a snapshot of the Instance, ( I will be publishing the steps of taking a snapshot)this is to be in the safe side so if anything goes wrong we will be able to restore the AMI Image and launch the instance. …

Hi All, This is my attempt to help my fellow engineers with what I discovered while completing my task. The scenario was to create a dummy environment using the configurations of the original, the intended EC2 instances were in two different availability zones and for my scenario, I wanted to move it into two different availability zones that differentiate from the original environment.

Image courtesy — https://www.cryptovibes.com/blog/2020/11/30/aws-outage-caused-latency-issues-on-coinbase/

To start with, you need to login to your AWS account → select the EC2 service from the service drop-down list → Select Instances → Select the desired instance → Now click on Actions → Image and…

This is a scenario that we come across in our daily life, we have to install these tools to make our lives easier as DevOps Engineer.

As the first step update and upgrade. sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

Hansi Welivita

Im a DevOps Engineer who is trying to enhance my knowledge as well as help my fellow DevOps acquaintances with knowledge on job related tasks!

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