Figure 1 — Azure DevOps Logo

Azure DevOps is a tool introduced by the Microsoft proprietary product which comes in handy with the Azure portal. The following link can be used to sign in to the Azure DevOps board.

Azure DevOps board comes in handy with collaborative tools which makes the life of a DevOps engineer much comfortable.

Collaborative Tools Azure DevOps Provide

DevOps board → This is the project Management tool the DevOps offers, this offers agile-based project management tools to track work items, backlogs, and sprints. This offers a similar service as Jira.

Azure Repos → This is the source controlling product Azure DevOps offers. The central management of the codebase could be done through this and the code review and other functionalities are also done through this. This is similar to GIT

Azure Pipeline → This is the process automation tool, where the building, release, test, and deployment can be automated on the targeted VMs. This is quite similar to Jenkins which is used for the CI/CD task in popular.

Azure Artifacts → This is one of the most important tools that Azure offers, the management, hosting, storage, and sharing of the artifacts within the team can be done through this tool.

Azure Test Plans → This allows the creation of a test management solution for the quality testing purpose, Test plans could be created with test scenarios to get user feedback.

Azure DevOps can do a multiple interesting things apart from the things mentioned above, team management, monitoring, reporting, this also provides a wiki for the documentation processes.

In taking the full picture, Azure DevOps has a lot to offer for the success of the software development life cycle. This is a tool that has all in one roof where most of the tools which need for the different phases of the life cycle, the hassle of managing too many different software are reduced here.

Im a DevOps Engineer who is trying to enhance my knowledge as well as help my fellow DevOps acquaintances with knowledge on job related tasks!