Creating an AMI Image from an Existing EC2 instance and Moving it into another region.

Hi All, This is my attempt to help my fellow engineers with what I discovered while completing my task. The scenario was to create a dummy environment using the configurations of the original, the intended EC2 instances were in two different availability zones and for my scenario, I wanted to move it into two different availability zones that differentiate from the original environment.

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To start with, you need to login to your AWS account → select the EC2 service from the service drop-down list → Select Instances → Select the desired instance → Now click on Actions → Image and Templates → Create Image

Now define an Image Name, Enable No Reboot and finally click on Create Image. Now you will get a dialog box saying “Successfully Created with the AMI ID with the Instance ID it originated”.

Now that the AMI successfully got created, to view the created image, Select Image → AMIs.

To move the AMIs to the desired availability zone, select the desired Image → Click on Actions → then Copy AMI.

Now Fill in the desired Destination Region and Click on Copy AMI.

Select a destination Region

When you need to Launch the selected AMI into an EC2 instance, you need to select the AMI instance → Launch → It will prompt the ec2 instance launching interface → Follow the normal routine of creating a EC2 instance!
Now you are Done!

Im a DevOps Engineer who is trying to enhance my knowledge as well as help my fellow DevOps acquaintances with knowledge on job related tasks!