Tools that have been a saviour in the life of a DevOps Engineer

Hi folks, you know that I'm a DevOps Engineer by profession when it comes to the daily chores we have different scenarios where we will need different tools, today I will be speaking about a few tools that have been life-saving and made my life easy.

  1. Notepad → This is helpful in noting this down or as a basic code editor

sudo snap install notepad-plus-plus

2. VS Code

This one of the best code editors

You can download the packages from here.

Then install the packages.

3. Terminator Terminal → This is an alternate terminal that has more features than the basic terminal

sudo apt-get install terminator

4. Postman → This tool is to test APIs and other end points.

sudo snap install postman

5. MS Teams → This is mostly for communication with the team. This tool can differ from company to company

6. FileZilla → This is one of the tools that make my work so easier, you can download a file from the server machine or upload content from the local machine to the remote server.

sudo apt-get install filezilla

7. MySQL Workbench → This is a GUI tool for accessing MySQL databases, I have already published an article on installing workbench.

8. VLC Player → We all need a media player other than the pre-installed player in Ubuntu

sudo apt install vlc

Im a DevOps Engineer who is trying to enhance my knowledge as well as help my fellow DevOps acquaintances with knowledge on job related tasks!